Emergencies can happen when least expected. So much so that when they happen, you are not sure if it qualifies as an emergency. You might even think it’s not serious and that it will go away. That can be very dangerous to do. At Village Emergency Centers, we encourage you to see a doctor. We have gathered the top reasons to go to the emergency room so you know when to head to the ER without hesitation. 

Chest Pain is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room

1. Chest Pain

It is never a good idea to ignore chest pains. Chest pains are a way your body sends out warning signals that your body is experiencing issues such as lack of oxygen or blood flow. It may feel like your chest is tightening or a sharp pain that is stabbing you. Go to the ER to rule out that you are not experiencing a heart problem such as a heart attack.

Rashes & Skin Infections is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




2. Rashes & Skin Infections

Skin rashes can come from allergic reactions. Some allergies can lead to anaphylactic shock, don’t wait to experience this life-threatening issue. Skin infection in worst-case scenarios can lead to sepsis and amputation. Don’t allow a treatable condition to turn into a permanent disability.  

Head Injuries/Concussions is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




3. Head Injuries/Concussions

A head injury can be very dangerous due to the potential for brain damage and other neurological complications. If you are experiencing dizziness and nausea, please seek immediate medical attention.

Difficulty Breathing is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




4. Difficulty Breathing

Trouble breathing can be a sign of a time-sensitive illness such as a heart attack or an asthma attack. It’s important for you to be seen by a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

 Back Pain is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




5. Back Pain

Back pains can be a sign of an internal organ issue. Kidney problems are usually associated with back pain, but it can also be a pulled muscle from extensive hard labor. A consultation with a doctor can give you a proper diagnosis.

Abdominal Pain is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




6. Abdominal Pain

The first thing that comes to mind with abdominal pain and the ER is appendicitis, but that is not always the case. Food poisoning also causes extreme abdominal pains and should be treated seriously. Whatever your illness may be, it’s best not to ignore abdominal pain.

Broken Bones & Sprains is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




7. Broken Bones & Sprains

Ignoring broken bones and sprains can lead to permanent deformation and further health issues. Displaced bones and bruised muscle tissues can affect your internal organs and skin. If you have discoloration, swelling, and tenderness, it’s best to go to a doctor and get an x-ray to determine if a break in your bone has occurred. Common breaks and sprains occur in the foot and wrist.

Upper Respiratory Infections




8. Upper Respiratory Infections

URIs are very treatable and can usually go away on their own if rest and fluids are taken, but an upper respiratory infection can have complications if the person’s immune system is compromised or if the proper measures to ensure recovery are not taken. If your URI has not improved after 10 days please visit the emergency room.

Foreign Objects Inside the Body




9. Foreign Objects Inside the Body

Accidents can lead to inanimate objects getting stuck inside one’s body. It’s important to let a medical professional take the foreign object out and not take it out yourself as the object could be lodged inside a major organ or artery.

Migraines & Headaches




Everyone is bound to suffer from a headache here and there, but there comes a time where a headache can bring on startling symptoms such as visual impairment or vomiting. It’s critical to get treated for this type of headache to relieve it with the proper medication.

Bruises & Cuts




11. Bruises & Cuts

What starts out as a normal cut or bruise can turn into something much more grave like tetanus. Monitor your wounds and make sure that the cut or bruise isn’t worsening by spreading to other areas. If so, it warrants a trip to the ER.





12. Toothaches

Tooth pain can be unbearable, but there’s no reason for you to suffer when an emergency room is available to you. Pain is also a sign of a possible infection that needs to be dealt with immediately. An emergency room can treat you until your next available dentist appointment.

Diarrhea is one of 13 reasons to go to the Emergency Room




13. Diarrhea

Diarrhea can turn dangerous very quickly. Nonstop diarrhea can turn into dehydration. This is especially common in children under 3. If you notice diarrhea hasn’t stopped, don’t hesitate to come to an emergency room.

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