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15 Tips For Staying Hydrated in the Heat

August 12, 2019 | River Oaks

Summer is here! Which means temperatures are at an all-time high and so is the risk for dehydration. It can be easy for you to become dehydrated through all the fun activities so here are some tips for […]

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How to Tell If Your Wrist is Broken or Sprained

August 5, 2019 | Katy

Your wrist is one of the most important parts of your body, as it helps you do numerous everyday tasks, from holding something light like a pen to something heavy like a 100-pound weight, your wrist is something […]

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Should You Go to the ER for Pneumonia?

July 25, 2019 | Jersey Village

Pneumonia is treatable but can become serious if not taken care of in time. Should you go to the ER for Pneumonia? It all depends on your symptoms. More than 250,000 ER visitors are diagnosed with pneumonia. Learn […]

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Can Allergies Cause Ear Infections?

July 18, 2019 | Clear Creek

Allergy season is in full effect right now and coincidentally you might have noticed that you tend to get ear infections around this time of the year as well. You are probably wondering, can allergies cause ear infections? […]

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Can Birth Control Cause Ovarian Cysts?

July 11, 2019 | River Oaks

Women’s reproductive health is a topic that doesn’t get discussed very often. This can lead to a lot of misinformation to exist, especially in the worldwide web. You’ll start to ask yourself questions like, can birth control cause […]

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