Winter is prominent for flu season, and depending on where you live, the cold weather will bring on possible signs of hypothermia and frostbite. With the addition of being in a winter environment, you also need to be careful of your surroundings to make sure you are safe. For parents this holiday season, here are some tips to help you make sure you’re keeping your children safe in the winter if you and your family venture out of Texas and encounter a snowy landscape. 

How should children dress in cold weather? 

Children should be covered from head to toe with layers if they want to trek out for the day. In the temperature dropping cold weather, several thin or heavy layers plus the addition of a scarf, hat, or mittens will help keep your child safe from the cold. When it comes to small children or toddlers, make sure that scarves and hoodies are not tightly wrapped around them as it could be a possible choking hazard. Also, to make sure you are keeping your children safe in the winter, you should watch to make sure your child’s clothes do not become damp. If your child’s clothes become wet from the weather, make sure to bring them inside and switch the damp garments; wet garments can lead to either the flu or worse symptoms. 

VEC | Winter Road

What to be cautious of in the winter? 

  1. Road closures: Depending on if roads are possibly closed to oncoming traffic, make sure that your child is still safe due to the snow trenches. Visibility will be low, and possible cars will not see children trying to sled down snow shoots onto the street. Braking for any likely vehicles will be severe, and you must be aware of possible black ice. 
  2. Fires: The holiday season is a perfect time for unnecessary issues from either cooking or electrical/lighting. It is also the ideal time for sitting around the fire pit making s’ mores. However, make sure your child is aware of not getting too close because you do not want them to fall in possibly. 
  3. Hydration: Make sure you are prepared with all the possible water, tea, or hot chocolate with the harsh weather to make sure you feel rejuvenated. 
  4. Medical Attention: Make sure you are aware of possible signs or symptoms of injuries that need medical assistance. 
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Signs of possible hypothermia and frostbite? 

Two of the worst winter blues that you must seek medical attention for if you see signs of both would be: hypothermia and frostbite.

 Hypothermia: becomes apparent in children and adults when their temperature falls below average temperature due to excess exposure of cold temperature. Some possible signs of hypothermia might be excessive shivering, clumsy tendencies, slurred speech, temperature decline. If you believe you are encountering hypothermia go inside and remove all wet clothing items before wrapping up in blankets for warmth. 

Frostbite: becomes noticeable when the skin becomes rigid and “frozen” and the coloration of the extremities might become gray and blistered. Some of the most common areas to receive frostbite would be on the hands and toes. If you encounter frostbite go inside, then place the frostbitten extremities in hot water and or apply hot water via washcloth on the areas. Do not rub frozen areas, and if the numbness does not go away — seek medical attention. 

If you or your child experience any injuries due to the cold weather, we highly recommend visiting an emergency room. At Village Emergency Centers, we offer quality and compassionate emergency care without the wait. Stop by one of our 24-hour locations in Clear Creek, and Jersey Village.