Coronavirus continues to be a worldwide concern and in response to its spread, the internet has seen a large influx in searches for boosting your immunity during COVID-19. Aside from social-distancing, washing your hands, and getting tested, boosting your immunity could be one of the best ways to ensure that, should you become infected, your outcome is favorable. The unpredictable nature of the virus and the circumstances surrounding potentially becoming infected is the most unsettling aspect of the virus. And while you may not be able to fully control external factors that cause a viral infection, maintaining a strong immune system is within your power. 

Boosting your immune system

Can You Actually Boost Your Immune System?

In the general sense, the concept of  “boosting” your immune system has no real scientific evidence. Most products and foods that are marketed at immune system boosters are really just anti-inflammatories with other ingredients to help keep your body running properly. The best thing that you can do is to do things to keep your body functioning optimally. 

Tips for immune sytem

Immune System Tips

With so much false information online, it may be difficult to know which measures are actually worth taking and which are myths. Keep reading to check out this list of simple ways that you can keep your immune system strong. 

sleep and immune system

Get Enough Sleep 

It may sound obvious, but getting enough sleep is essential. The body takes time in the night to heal and restore itself. Proper sleep supports a healthy immune system, which in turn makes your body more likely to fight off a virus. Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, aiming for 6-8 hours per night. 

balanced diet and immune system

Eat a Balanced Diet 

Another great way to support your immune system and fight against respiratory infections is to eat a balanced diet. While you don’t need to go totally plant-based, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is extremely important. Leafy greens and foods like sweet potatoes are great at supporting your vitamin D levels, which in turn may increase your white blood cells

exercise and immune system

Exercise Regularly 

Getting regular exercise is important for your overall health, but also a great way to prevent yourself from getting sick. A workout that really gets the blood pumping may help to flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, potentially reducing your chances of getting sick with a respiratory infection

lower stress level improve immune system

Lower Stress Levels 

Keeping your stress levels low should be top priority year-round, but especially now when you are trying to stave off infection and improve immune function. Stress directly impacts your immune system; if you are overly stressed, it makes you that much more susceptible to coming down with viral infections. 

quit smoking and lower drinking level

Don’t Smoke And Keep Drinking to a Minimum 

In general, smoking is one of the worst things that you can do for your body. But specifically in relation to your immune system, smoking damages antioxidants like Vitamin C and can potentially cause various autoimmune disorders that are very difficult to treat. 

Visit Village Emergency Centers

All in all, experts agree that the best way to support a healthy immune system is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In protecting against COVID-19, your best bet is to continue maintaining social distancing and high cleanliness standards. If you have more questions about boosting your immunity during COVID-19 or worry that you are experiencing symptoms and may be infected, find a Village Emergency Center near you. We are a full-service emergency room that caters to the Greater Houston area. We are fully equipped and trained to deal with all emergencies, coronavirus-related or otherwise. Contact us today; all of our locations are open 24/7.