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Emergency Care Houston

When emergencies occur, every second counts. For critical conditions, our team of knowledgeable physicians is ready to provide immediate emergency care when you need it most. Visit the Village Emergency Centers for quality emergency care. You’ll be in good hands.


What is emergency care?

Emergency care is for conditions that are critical, life-threatening, and require immediate medical intervention. The condition should be considered serious, and sufficient medical attention should be a priority.

Emergency care is centered on providing immediate medical care as efficiently as possible, in many cases, to save lives.

Here are some reasons people seek emergency care:

Abdominal pain
Pain in the abdomen can range from minor to life-threatening. While pain may be the only symptom, other symptoms that may occur with abdominal pain include diarrhea or constipation, rectal bleeding, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting.

Chest pain
Pressure and pain in the chest is an especially concerning symptom that should be taken seriously and may indicate a heart attack or lung condition. It’s often recommended that high-risk chest pain patients are medically observed for some time, even after treatment ends and the pain subsides.

A fall can cause a sprain, fracture, or a more serious injury. If you hit your head, or you notice a deformity somewhere in your body, changes in the color of the injured area, or loss of sensation, it’s best to seek medical attention.

Shortness of breath
Allergies, pneumonia, a cardiac event, and other reasons can induce shortness of breath. A rapid medical assessment is necessary to determine the cause of your breathing problems.

While most headaches aren’t serious and go away on their own, some can be excruciatingly painful, lingering, and concerning. In these cases, the focus is to rule out serious conditions, and treat and relieve pain and other symptoms.

An urgent care center treats most of the same things a normal healthcare provider treats, the advantage being that these centers often have extended hours and don’t require an appointment.

Emergency care centers are equipped to handle life-threatening and critical conditions. For example, if you’re having chest pain, shortness of breath, and are concerned it could be a heart attack, the emergency room is the place to go.

Village Emergency Centers is a freestanding, 24-hour emergency room with the same capacity to treat critical conditions as a hospital-based emergency room. The difference is in the little-to-no wait time, free and easy parking, convenient location, a higher standard of care, and more.

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