Broken bones are a common childhood injury and with proper care can heal with no long-term damage. Ensure your child gets the care they need by visiting Clear Creek ER after any trauma that suggests a fracture.

Kids are particularly susceptible to broken bones in sports or everyday play. If you suspect your child has a fracture, get it checked out at Clear Creek Emergency Room. Not all fractures are the same, and each needs a very specific treatment to heal properly. The sooner your child receives diagnosis and treatment, the faster they’ll be back to normal activities.

Types of breaks

Not all breaks, or fractures, are the same. Fractures generally fall into one of four categories. Your child may have a displaced break in which the bone has broken into two (or more) pieces and the ends have shifted, so they’re no longer aligned. A nondisplaced break means the bone has broken completely through, but the two ends are still attached.

An open fracture is characterized by a broken end that has pushed through the skin, creating an open wound. With a closed fracture, the broken bone remains underneath the skin.

Children can also have one of several unique types of fractures that only occur in growing bones. Your child may have a greenstick fracture, in which a bone has bent, but not broken. A growth plate fracture is one that occurs at the joint and can lead to shorter bone length if not treated properly. Children may also experience a buckle, in which two bones compress together causing a fracture in one or both.

ER care is important

If your child suffered trauma that could cause a break, it’s important to get them to Clear Creek ER right away. You can’t know what type of fracture they have without an X-ray. For example, open fractures can recede back underneath the skin, but still leave the bone and wound area vulnerable to infection if not treated right away.

At Clear Creek ER, the skilled team of emergency medicine doctors and radiology technicians can obtain images and diagnose broken bones so they’re treated in a way that promotes optimal healing. You definitely don’t want to wait for an appointment several days later to have a suspected break evaluated.

Treatments for broken bones

Your child’s broken bone is typically treated with a cast, splint, or brace. Basically, the doctors immobilize the bone so it can heal back together over time. In some cases, a procedure is required to place the bone or bones back into alignment before they can be placed in an immobilizing device. This is done in the ER after your child receives medication to ease the pain. Your Clear Creek ER doctor then moves the bones right back into their proper position.

In complicated fractures, surgery to reset the bones is required to place the bones into the right positions. This surgery isn’t done at Clear Creek ER, but the doctors can get you to the right place to ensure your child gets care as soon as possible.

Broken bones are a normal part of childhood for many children. With the right care, they can heal properly so that growth and future function aren’t affected. Clear Creek Emergency Room is here for you and your child when an injury strikes.

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