When a medical situation arises that calls for prompt attention, you want to get to the right place first to avoid wasting precious time. While the words “urgent care” and “emergency room” may seem like one in the same, there are important distinctions that determine the care you’ll receive.

Here at Clear Creek Emergency Room in League City, Texas, our state-of-the-art facility and qualified emergency personnel are able to handle most every medical emergency that arises, giving our patients peace of mind knowing that they’re receiving the same care as at a large hospital, but with more personalized attention.

If you’d like to find out whether you should visit an ER or urgent care, here are some important things to consider:

Wait TimeNO WAITAvg. of 4 Hrs.Varies
Cost of Service< HospitalHighestLow
Fast On-Site CT Scan & UltrasoundXX
Immediate X-raysXX
Rapid Lab ResultsXUnlimited
Rapid DischargeXX
Fast Admission to Hospital RoomXX
Easy and Fair BillingXX
Convenient LocationX
Free ParkingX
24 Hours of OperationX
E.R Board CertifiedX
Worker CompensationX
Servere Abdominal PainX
Broken BonesX
Private Insurance Accepted

Quality of care

Your local urgent care is a great place for when you have a minor problem, and you’re not able to get in to see your doctor. In fact, an urgent care is essentially a doctor’s office with extended hours. For any situation where you need more qualified attention, the nurse practitioners or physician assistants at the urgent care will direct you toward an emergency room for services they’re unable to provide.

If you or a loved one falls ill or is injured, cutting out this step and going directly to a facility that’s staffed by board-certified emergency personnel saves you incredibly valuable time. Here at Clear Creek ER, we’re equipped to handle critical and life-threatening situations, as well as routine emergencies. Our 24-hour facility and staff are licensed and credentialed by the state of Texas to provide the same care as any emergency room, up to and including:

  • Full CT scan, ultrasound, and radiology services
  • Full laboratory services with instant results
  • Cardiopulmonary monitoring, nebulizer treatments, and airway management
  • Intravenous fluids and medications
  • Overnight observation capacity

In fact, our freestanding emergency room offers the same services as in-hospital emergency rooms, minus the hassle that often comes when entering an operating hospital environment.

We also accept most insurance plans, and we endeavor to bill our patients at a lower cost. If you don’t have insurance, we make every effort to work with you.

Personalized and prompt care

While our emergency room offers the same standard of care as a hospital, there are distinct differences that make our freestanding ER the wiser choice. To start, our staff is dedicated to one thing only: your immediate care. This means that the wait time to see a qualified emergency health care professional is much smaller at our facility.

As well, our on-site laboratories and diagnostic tools provide faster results since they’re devoted to our freestanding emergency room alone.

And not to be overlooked, we view each patient as a person, not a checklist, which means we treat you with the compassion, dignity, and the respect you deserve.


Hospitals are busy places, serving the wide needs of the community. Here at Clear Creek Emergency Room, everything from our easy and free parking to our uncrowded waiting rooms is designed to provide you with the medical attention you need with the least amount of inconvenience. We even have a coffee bar on the premises for those who are waiting.

Rest assured, should you need hospitalization for your emergency, our expert personnel ensure that you’re stabilized and arrange for fast, efficient admittance to an inpatient hospital.

Clear Creek ER, a Village Emergency Center facility located in League City, Texas, is open for walk-in patients 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We never close, not even on holidays. A private, freestanding emergency room, Clear Creek Emergency Room offers all of the same services and care as a hospital emergency room, but with little or no wait time.