If you or a loved one needs immediate medical attention, the thought of getting lost in the maze of a hospital’s operations may not be ideal. That’s where a stand-alone clinic comes in.

Emergencies seem to happen without regard for the day or hour, as do the daily operations of a hospital, often leaving you to wait uncomfortably to get the care you need.

At River Oaks ER, we provide an oasis of expert medical care, outside of a hospital environment, that aims to treat each person as a patient, rather than a diagnosis that’s just passing through. And we’re open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, every day.

From our friendly staff to our board-certified physicians, we provide the same care as the local hospital, but we are, in many ways, superior. Here’s how.

You matter

Hospitals are, understandably, incredibly busy environments that handle, among other things, emergency care. And this point is an important one. In no way do we mean to imply that the emergency medical care at a hospital is inferior to ours, but hospitals must juggle myriad health issues, from testing to scheduled surgeries.

Emergency care is simply a branch of an overall system that’s designed to provide non-routine health care.

At River Oaks ER, we’re devoted to emergency care and nothing else. This means that you won’t get knocked down any list of priorities because each patient that walks through our doors is the only priority.

Because of this, we’re able to take the time to properly review and treat your medical problem, rather than rush you through in order to free up an exam room. Our highly trained staff sits down with you to review your symptoms and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to diagnosing and treating your medical issue.

Fully equipped

To provide comprehensive and accurate diagnoses, River Oaks ER is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including on-site X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans. We’re also equipped to handle cardiovascular issues with the necessary equipment, including an EKG, or electrocardiogram.

Another important component to our emergency care at River Oaks ER is our on-site lab, which allows your emergency medical team to get to the bottom of your issue as quickly as possible and get you started on the appropriate treatment.

For cuts and fractures, River Oaks ER provides suturing, splinting, and casting services, allowing you to get the treatment you need all in one spot.

The little things matter

While it may seem trivial if there’s an emergency you’re worried about, our stand-alone ER offers a wide range of perks that a hospital doesn’t, including free parking right on the premises. When time matters, this seemingly small detail can be important.

In addition to our free and convenient parking, our ER is set up with everything you and your family needs, including Wi-Fi, kid-friendly activities, and a place where you can get coffee and snacks.

The next step

In the unlikely event that your emergency requires hospitalization, we’re with you every step of the way, facilitating your care. We work with the hospital to coordinate your transportation, and then we supply the medical personnel with time-saving details so you can get the treatment you need, as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, these cases aren’t all that common — a majority of the time, we can handle your emergency within our own walls, taking one less hurdle out of your care.

So, the next time you need immediate attention, simply come see us, any time of day or night. No patient waits more than 10 minutes to get the attention they need and deserve.