The Journey from Pain to Progress

Tearing a ligament is an experience no one wants to have. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a committed athlete, or someone who tripped over a child’s toy in the middle of the night, a torn ligament is a painful detour from your daily activities. Now that you’ve had ligament tear surgery, you’re probably wondering how long it will be until you’re back on your feet. Learn what it takes to recover from a torn ligament so you know what to expect.

The First Two Weeks Post-Surgery

The first phase of your recovery is crucial. Right now, your body is doing its best to heal the affected area, making you more susceptible to infections and other complications. During the initial two weeks after ligament tear surgery, you may experience pain and swelling around the joint and in the nearby muscles.

Follow these tips to reduce your discomfort and speed up your recovery during this phase:

  • Elevate your recovering joint as much as possible to decrease swelling.
  • Apply a cold compress every three hours, wrapped in a towel to avoid direct contact with the skin.
  • Keep your bandages on until your surgeon instructs you to remove them.

Two to Five Weeks After Surgery

As you move into this recovery stage, you may start to feel like yourself again—but don’t rush it. At this point, your doctor may suggest wearing a brace to support the healing ligament. This is when you should begin reclaiming your range of motion.

To stay on course, remember these tips:

  • Exercise the joint gently but regularly, following your physical therapist’s recommendations.
  • Follow a daily exercise schedule.
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in nutrients that help your body heal faster.

Five Weeks to Three Months Following the Operation

Feeling better? That’s because your ligament and nearby muscles are getting stronger. You might be itching to go full throttle, especially if you’re an injured athlete, but it’s important to stick to low-impact activities for a while, like swimming and cycling.

Make it through the home stretch of your recovery with these suggestions:

  • Choose exercises that gently challenge your recovering joint.
  • Start including control, coordination, and resistance training in your routine.
  • If you’re athletically inclined, begin sport-specific training with your therapist’s guidance.

Three to Six Months and Beyond

Finally, the finish line is in sight! As you become more active three to six months after surgery, you should now know how to protect your newly healed ligament from future injuries. Even if you’re feeling great, continue wearing your brace as a precaution.

Treat Torn Ligaments at Village Emergency Centers

Recovering from a torn ligament is a challenging journey, but it’s crucial to follow the path laid out by your doctor for a safe and effective recovery. If you need immediate attention, Village Emergency Centers has you covered. We have six convenient locations in the Greater Houston Area, with 24/7 emergency care from board-certified doctors and virtually no wait times. Whether you’re looking for rapid lab results or fast admission and discharge processes, we offer it all. Visit our website to find a Village near you today.