Unfortunately, accidents happen even on wonderful days like Thanksgiving. That’s why you might be wondering, “Are doctors offices open on Thanksgiving, just in case?” We can’t say whether or not your general practitioner’s office is open, but we do have fantastic news: we can guarantee that your nearest Village ER will be open on Thanksgiving Day! 

Our offices are open 24/7, and even holidays like Thanksgiving are no exception. We offer treatment for all the common Thanksgiving emergencies and more. Village ER has you covered if, during your holiday, you or a loved one is dealing with any of the following:

food poisoning emergency - open on thanksgiving

Food Poisoning:

The turkey and other Thanksgiving staples can sometimes be tricky to master. If your Thanksgiving feast leaves you feeling unwell, we can get you on the road to recovery and back to enjoying family fun.

open during thanksgiving time for burns


All that cooking means hands are flying in and out of the oven and over stovetop burners. In some cases, people are working with oil and fire. If you or a loved one is badly burned while in the kitchen (or backyard), Village ER is ready to handle it.

what to do for cuts and lacerations during thanksgiving and holiday

Cuts and Lacerations:

Sharp knives and peelers can be a potential danger anytime, but Thanksgiving Day ups the ante. Hopefully everyone uses the proper safety measures while using their knives, but if an accident happens, we are open and prepared to help.

treatments for alcohol poisoning during thanksgiving and holidays

Alcohol Poisoning:

Thanksgiving is certainly a time to live life to the fullest, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to go overboard on the alcohol consumption. However, if you or a member of your family does overindulge, Village ER is trained to handle alcohol poisoning. 

doctor for overexertion and muscle pulls during thanksgiving and holiday


In certain situations, like backyard football or intense meal prep, those with pre-existing health issues may find they feel a bit overexerted. This can often lead to discomfort and, at times, a medical emergency. We encourage not pushing yourself too hard, but if it happens, Village ER is open and waiting to take care of you. 


medical care from domestic violence

Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence is a terrible thing that happens every day, and sadly, Thanksgiving sees a rise in the number of household incidents as large groups of people gather under one roof. If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence on Thanksgiving, or any day, Village ER is a safe place you can go for help and medical care.

So, are doctors offices open on Thanksgiving? We can’t say! But, Village ER’s offices are open 24/7, on Thanksgiving and every day, because emergencies don’t stop happening just because it’s a holiday. For your medical emergencies, trust the board-certified doctors and caring staff at the Village ER nearest you.