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Houston Heights EMERGENCY ROOM

We are a no wait 24/7 emergency room located in the Houston Heights area.

We accept all major insurances, including Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.


1324 N. Shepherd Dr. #100 Houston TX 77008

we accept walk-ins 24/7

(832) 232-0500
Heights Urgent Care solutions from Village Emergency Centers

Heights Location – Now Open

Located in Houston, Texas, our Heights emergency room is close to the community and delivers compassionate care to local residents. We understand that health emergencies are urgent, which is why we see patients quicker than a large hospital’s emergency room would. Short wait times means faster medical care for you when you need it most. And because we are smaller, your experience at our Houston ER is more personal and focused. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art medical equipment allow us to handle emergency situations with urgency, compassion, and professionalism.

At Heights Village ER, we believe that compassion is key. When offering vital emergency care services, everyone deserves to be treated with a personalized approach during their time of need. Our board-certified physicians and registered nurses are dedicated to providing the very best in emergency care while also maintaining a strong sense of compassion not often found in traditional hospitals.

In addition to having a personalized approach, we pride ourselves on having fair and transparent billing practices. Everyone deserves to be treated like a person, not a bill, which is why we make concerted efforts to ensure you don’t receive unforeseen charges while recovering from an emergency. This is just one of the many ways we strive to make a difference in the lives of our patients.

At Heights Village ER, we also accept all major insurance plans and will work with you to ensure that you receive health care no matter what. Common reasons to take a trip to the emergency room include the presence of abdominal pain, broken bones, and life-threatening symptoms such as chest pain and dizziness. We encourage everyone to not ignore the signs of a medical emergency, as we are open 24/7 and are always prepared to care for any patient that comes through our doors.

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