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Tingling in the Ear – Things Your Ears Can Tell About Your Health

January 21, 2022 | Hortencia Luna-Gonzales, MD, FACEP

If you’ve dealt with any ailment of the ear in the past, you know how frustrating and painful it can be to live with one. That’s why in this article we’re specifically addressing tingling in the ear, a […]

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What Causes Burning Pain in Back? Symptoms & Treatments

January 13, 2022 | Isaac Grate M.D.

Back pain can be a debilitating issue to deal with and it can be made even worse by the seemingly inexplicable “heat” that accompanies some conditions. If you’ve ever experienced that burning pain in back, also called “Hot […]

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Why Your Annual Health Check Up is Important

January 10, 2022 | Victoria Alexander M.D.

As a new year begins, it’s important to make taking care of your health a top priority. That means scheduling your yearly check-up with your doctor. But, what makes going to the doctor every year so important? Why […]

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