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How Serious is Your Burn? When to See a Doctor for a Burn for Emergency

December 23, 2021 | Hortencia Luna-Gonzales, MD, FACEP

Did you know that burn centers see a rise in patient traffic during the holiday season? This is because, during this time of year, there are ample opportunities for accidental burns to occur. Whether it is attempting to […]

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Can Climate Change Cause a Sore Throat? How to Treat Symptoms

December 13, 2021 | Isaac Grate M.D.

The weather is changing, here in the United States! With those changes come the sneezes, sniffles, and sore throats of cold and flu season.  If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Can climate change cause a sore throat, or other […]

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7 Effective Tips – How Not to Get Sick During Winter

December 3, 2021 | Victoria Alexander M.D.

Catching a cold is never fun, and as we enter the winter months when coming down with the cold or flu is more likely, it’s important to remind ourselves of what we can do to stay healthy! Luckily, […]

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