December 2020 - Village EC

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What is the Difference Between Stomach Flu and Food Poisoning

December 21, 2020 | Clear Creek

Whether it be at school or in the workplace, you’ve likely heard the phrase: “There’s a stomach bug going around.” But that vague term could mean anything from a simple stomach ache to full-on food poisoning. And because […]

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When to See a Doctor for Headache

December 17, 2020 | Katy

Headaches are one of the most common ailments that people experience. And although they can cause immense pain, inconvenience, and irritability for the sufferer, a headache is usually nothing to worry about. But how much pain is too […]

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How to Treat an Oven Burn

December 11, 2020 | River Oaks

During the holidays, people tend to find themselves in the kitchen more often than the rest of the year combined. And because holiday cooking is usually accompanied by stress and rushing, you’re less likely to take the standard […]

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